Diversity And Diversity Of Diversity Essay

726 Words Apr 29th, 2016 3 Pages
During this last semester, I was introduced to diversity in workplace from a different, more in-depth angle which I was familiar with earlier but never really had thought about certain topics; such as discrimination not only based on the color and race but also based on age and gender. This class Understanding and Managing Diversity helped me gained a better understanding of diversity topics and issues. Through this class, I learned that diversity as a whole just does not encompass among other sections such as race, ethnicity, religion but it also includes sections such as discrimination based on age, sex, gender identity, and transgenderism, gay and lesbian discrimination in the work place.
As much as I have been identified to these current issues, I have also come to a better understanding that how much essential diversity is to the workforce. In fact, the very purpose of a diverse workplace is that it empowers organizations to achieve a superior level in workforce by bringing together a strong group of diversified forward thinking individuals that are full of innovative ideas, suggestions, and creativity. Diverse workplace that compiles all of human ideas, different cultures, and background undoubtedly leads the organization to new heights of effective business and success. Similar to what I had suggested to Mr. Cook in the first and the second memo, the companies should take affirmative actions to attract, develop, and retain diverse employees. Once the businesses…

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