Diversified Jute Products Essay

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Diversified Jute Product: EFG Bag

Environment Friendly Garbage Bag (EFG Bag)
EFG Bag is a lowest cost one time use jute bag for transporting garbage to the designated place of City Corporations/ Pourshavas by the household garbage collectors/ large scale garbage generators.

Application of EFG Bag:

Garbage disposal system of Dhaka city is very special due to mainly high rise building and the systems of City Corporations garbage collection systems. In Dhaka city, community based organizations, NGOs, small business entrepreneurs are involved in collecting household garbage from door to door with a open van. After collecting household garbage these micro-enterprise desegregate the garbage into two: biodegradable and recyclable.
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Thus we need to devise mechanism for creating a strong base in internal market. Introducing EFG Bag nationwide is just one step to strengthen the internal market for jute goods. It is expected that this option would create an increasing demand for raw jute and the jute farmers do not have to face uncertainty and loss in future. In case of India, the largest jute grower is also considering use of this type of bag. Recently, Steering Committee for Growth and Development of Technical Textiles (SC GDTT) of India already identified the potentials of jute based garbage disposal bags/garbage covers.

Implementing Agency: City Corporations / Pourshovas

Implementation method:
Initially, Chairman BJMC will write a DO letter to the Administrator, Dhaka North City Corporation and Dhaka South City Corporation informing the importance of using EFG Bag for garbage disposal system in their jurisdiction and requesting to help implement the use of EFG Bag by the small garbage collectors/ large garbage generators. A sample of such one time low cost will be accompanied with the DO letter. An explicit expectation from the City Corporation will be to get an idea about prospective demand for EFG Bag. This information might help in deciding about production volume by nationwide jute mills. Later on, all the City Corporations, Pourshavas and Upzilla towns will be included in this process.

BJMC’s role: After obtaining positive indication from the City Corporations, BJMC will

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