District Supervision And Evaluations Policies And Regulations

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District Supervision & Evaluations Policies and Regulations Campbell County School District (CCSD) policies that discuss staff supervision and evaluation include policies 4105 (professional staff supervision), 4110 (performance evaluation and supervision – certified), and 4110-R (performance evaluation and supervision – certified). These policies identify the need and process for the supervision of all staff employed within CCSD. Additionally, they outline to role of the building principal to provide evaluation and identify the evaluation tools to be utilized in completing the evaluation.
District Teacher Evaluation & Supervision Handbooks and Forms Currently CCSD has established district performance evaluation handbooks including those for teachers, principals, counselors/social workers, library/media specialists, nurses, facilitators, school psychologists, and staff development personnel. CCSD utilizes A Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson as the basis of its evaluation system. Handbooks provide staff with the philosophy and framework from which they will be evaluated. Rubrics including descriptors for the levels of unsatisfactory, basic, proficient, and distinguished are included for each of the four domains. Procedures for a staff person placed on a plan of assistance are also included, with specific timeline requirements and defined components of the plan.
District Supervision & Evaluation Handbooks and Forms for Non-Teaching Staff…

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