Distribution Network Information System Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The system has allowed for improved attendance management and security access for TNB departments in Head Office. A major on-going project is the implementation of the Distribution Network Information System, in which ICT plays a critical role in the roll out in Shah Alam. This project is expected to improve Distribution’s capability in network planning and outage restoration.
Moving forward, ICT is to implement the Corporate GIS for the whole of TNB, of which DNIM will be a part of the entire system. For the first phase of Corporate GIS, ICT will provide services to the Transmission Division and ICT Telecommunication and Properties Department.
CbPMS is an ICT-developed system for TNB to evaluate staff performance. The system has been in use since 2004 and is continuously being enhanced and upgraded. This system allows TNB to monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of all staff and provides the means for better human resource
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I have identified that at least nine step that both of my team and the developer has to go through. Each stage has it own date line and they must complete it one by one in order deliver a successful system. Every stage required full cooperation from both of the team member. As right now they has already reached UAT session which the system will be test by my project team member and ICT certified tester. Below are the explanation of system development process of DOMS system : 1) collect the system requirement. the blue print design are base on reference to design and develop functions in DOMS. After the blueprint design is approved , detailed technical design needs to be incorporated to translate the higher level functional specifications to a level of detail that a developer requires. During this process ,it may be required us to revisit the users in order to collect the system requirement. 2) Develop applications which cater to the functional …show more content…
Challenged or Obstacles faced in Internships
At the beginning, I felt confused on who should arrange the internships. I always wondered who should be responsible for arranging my internship placement, majority of my friends think that faculty should work for the placement. After joining, it was a new environment to me. At the beginning I was afraid to ask questions to the employees working in the company as I am afraid that my questions will either trouble or distract them. On the other way round, I felt without asking questions I can’t learn anything and I would not be able to finish my task given in a proper manner.
I am an intern student, and basically I can’t mingle around with the employers as my wish because they are all much more qualified and experienced people. Besides, I have to take good care of my ethics when I am in the office as I was under my supervisor’s guidance and if any problem caused by me, my supervisor is the want who has to answer to the higher authorities. Furthermore, problems caused by me will be told to my supervisor who will come to check on my performance from the

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