Distracted : The Erosion Of Attention And The Coming Dark Ages

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In “Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark ages”, by Maggie Jackson, it addresses the problem of technology and how technology is keeping us from attaining knowledge. This paper also talks about how we are approaching a new dark ages. Maggie Jackson believes that we are too controlled by our phones and the internet and we are only able to get a surface level of information without ever actually attaining knowledge. She believes that because of this we are approaching a period of downfall because of our over attraction to technology and our need for it. I agree that our society is becoming overly dependent on technology, however I cannot agree with his remarks regarding the dark ages and how we are losing our capacity to retain info given all the benefits technology provides like the ability to learn more than ever and that the dark ages were actually a period of enlightenment. Our society is becoming more controlled and dependent on our technology, given that we are always using it or that it is running our life’s. Our phones have become part of us and we are constantly looking at social media, the internet or texting other people. If we were able to put our phones down or refrain from using computers, we might be able to pick up a book and actually read it for once. Our use of technology “Is eroding our capacity for deep, sustained, perceptive attention” (546). Our use of phones causes us to only want to attain surface level information with no depth.…

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