Alcoholic Father

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A child that suffers from alcoholic parents suffer more ways than one. Children that have been abused from parents can lead to depression, anxiety, health problems, drug addiction, and other mental conditions. Children can be exposed to verbal, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Numerous studies have found a link to children maltreatment and parental alcoholism. Alcoholism can be defined as an increase of harmful risk taking. Physical child abuse can lead to children having bruises, broken bones, sleep disorders, and many long term affects. Child maltreatment can lead to a never ending cycle of child abuse. With continuous child abuse children can develop issues with attending school, and resulting them with a lower income. In this paper, …show more content…
Benson and Heller (1987) conducted an experiment on the effects of adult daughters and alcoholic fathers. The researchers measured the alcohol- induced problems, and distinguishes between alcoholics and non-alcoholics. Then the participants completed a Personal Behavior Study to examine the hostility of their own family dynamic in the past five years. Benson and Heller found that majority of the fathers had been treated at an outpatient facility. Forty- eight percent of the fathers still drink heavily during the study. Results showed that daughters of alcoholic father were more distressed and sympathetic. Majority of the participants believed that their fathers drinking problem effected their childhood negatively. Benson and Heller data showed that daughters that have alcoholic fathers are more likely to have a poor childhood. Daughters that have alcoholic fathers are more likely to be neurotic and act out bad behaviors. Also, the family climate and the families support correlated with the daughter’s current life arrangements. Child abuse can create children to be pessimistic, and can create chaos in their everyday life.
Harter and Vanecek (2000) conducted an experiment on cognitive assumptions and long term distress in child abuse survivors involving parental alcoholism. Child abuse can be correlated to alcohol abuse, because they both involve family dysfunction. Hater
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Berkowitz and Perkins (1988) conducted a study on the personality of children who have alcoholic parents. During the study they looked for relationships between personality and gender of the alcoholic parent. Participants were college students who completed a survey to examine familial alcoholism and personality characteristics. For example, they were looking for sociability, leadership, and other qualities. The results show that women were more likely to show self-criticism than men. Also, fathers that drink at home are more likely to suffer from alcoholism and be more subdued. Women with an alcoholic father were more likely to self-depreciation compared to an alcoholic mother. Results showed that children that were abused suffered from unhappiness and

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