Distarctions of Cell Phone Use While Operating Motor Vehicles

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Shannon Hudak Distractions of Cell Phone Use While Operating a Motor Vehicle Using cell phones while driving are not only dangerous but deadly. We have many distractions while driving, let alone the use of cell phones as well. In this day and age cell phones are used for a variety of things such as text-messaging, internet usage, watching television, e-mailing, faxes, games, and much more. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Many Americans take the technology we have today for granted. Once

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This is a very hard issue to produce in legislation due to the fact that there is not anyway for an officer to catch you actually texting while driving. There is obviously no way to know exactly how many fatalities and injuries have occurred while driving with the use of cell phones, but we all know that it is stupid and we should not do it.
Many surveys have been conducted for citizens to participate in on driving while using cell phones. In a recent study conducted by Nationwide Insurance Company the majority of the people that participated were all for any type of cell phone use while driving restrictions. Eighty percent of these people support a ban on text messaging while driving, as well as e-mailing while driving. A ban for phone calls while driving had sixty-seven percent of respondents who were supportive of this act. Nearly three out of four of these respondents think these restrictions should be made for all drivers and not specific groups, such as younger adults, and teens.
Texting while driving is one of the major concerns of cell phone usage while operating a motor vehicle. Anything can happen on the road in the blink of an eye and the most important thing while driving is to keep your eyes on the road, and drive responsibly. We need the slightest amount of distractions as possible. There are so many more distractions while driving let alone texting or cell phone use. In this day and age everyone is
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