Essay on Distance Runners And Long Distance Runner

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In the paragraph above, the sprinter had four phase to go through while sprinting. Long distance runners have two major phase and the motion between long distance runners and printers are different. Sprinters have more focus on the thighs and the hip muscles. The long distance runners focus more on their feet and their legs to provide the motion while running. The first phase for the long distance runner is called the Stance Phase Matt Phillips (2016) explains that the stance phase is divided into four different stages. The first stage is called the Initial Contact. This stage begins when the left foot is in front and about to hit the ground. While the right foot is behind and off the ground. When the foot makes impact with the ground this is when stance phase begins. The next stage is called the braking or Absorption Stage.
The Absorption Stage is when the left foot makes contact with the ground. When the foot makes contact with the ground, the body performs a controlled landing which manages the declaration and the braking. The left knee and ankle flex which makes the left foot pronate to absorb the impact force. During the process of absorption, the tendons and connective tissue within the muscles store elastic energy for later use in the propulsion stage. The arms are also an important part during the absorption stage because the arms help provide balance and promote effective movement to the rest of the body. The next stage in the stance phase is the midstance stage.…

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