Distance Learning Assignment Essay

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Distance Learning Readiness Assignment This practicum will factor into your total class points for the semester. Please type your responses directly into this document. The screenshot of the quiz results can be placed in the document as well. http://www.lbcc.edu/DL/students/preparing.cfm Step 1: Of the available links, I’m asking that you watch the entire video “What it takes to be a successful online student” (short 2:48 mins) and answer the following questions thoroughly (these are directly from the video): 1. What is time-management? Why is it important in an online class and what are some challenges? According to Leighann, what are some necessary steps to for time management? Time management is being able …show more content…
Stephen says to never wait for the last minute to do things. 5. According to Maylene, what two factors are most important for online students to possess? Scheduling and Discipline are important because online classes require a lot of responsibility. 6. If you feel lost with the material, what does Shayla suggest you do? Send an email to the instructor is what Shayla suggests. 7. In terms of schedules, what is Lucia’s suggestion? Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it, because you are not forced to do the work. 7. Melissa discusses computer skills. What are the points she makes? It is important to have computer skills because you will use discussion boards and other websites that require some basic computer knowledge. In terms of technical help and resources, the video will not provide to you the information for Blackboard. However, your course syllabus should be saved to your desktop or somewhere accessible on your computer in case you need to call Blackboard’s Tech Support. Step 2: Take the “Online Readiness Questionnaire” and answer the questions honestly; you will not be removed from the course for the responses, the purpose of this quiz is to prepare yourself for an online course. Please find your score on the top right of the webpage once you’ve completed it. Take a screenshot of the results and attach

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