Essay about Dissociative Identity

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Dissociative Identity Disorder
Porsha Castillo
Belhaven University

This paper will focus on the mental disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder. It will follow the case study of JANE. The paper will include the hisroty of the disorder as well as treatment, and current research of the disorder.

Dissociative Identity Disorder Rebecca, a 14 year old girl, presented to a hospital by her mother with a complaint of ‘behaving like a male’ for past 2 weeks. She was identifying herself as Mr. S. and dressed herself like a male. She was not recognizing her neighbors, relatives, or teachers anymore and her belongings as well. She was not able to recount her personal information either. Her mother also reported a significant and
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Such episodes continued for an additional year. Then one morning after an episode she was found in an altered state of male identity with previously mentioned behavior. Since then she would continue to acquire this state regularly for around 10-15 days and come back in her original state for 1-2 days abruptly. It happened more commonly if there were occasions like her birthday and festivals. She would not have memory of the alter state during her original state. There was no history of seizure, trauma and substance abuse. Her birth history and early childhood was uneventful. She was second among five female siblings. She was an average student in 8th grade at the time of presentation. She was described as shy, introvert, sensitive and ambitious. Family history was non-contributory. Physical examination (including detailed neurological examination), CT scan (brain) and EEG reports were found to be normal. With above findings a diagnosis of Dissociate Identity Disorder was considered and the treatment plan was formulated including drug therapy (anxiolytics) as well as non-pharmacological therapy involving psychological assessment and necessary psychosocial interventions. After several assessment sessions, it was concluded that Rebecca was undergoing severe stress because of

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