Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay

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Each person experiences many different situations through life. Some of these are good memories, and unfortunately some of them scar us forever. We choose how to deal with these scars and how to handle these subpar circumstances. A recent uprise in dissociating from these memories has become evident. There are many different types of dissociative disorders, but the one that caught my eye most was Dissociative Identity Disorder. This disorder was previously known as multiple personality disorder. This disorder has become better known because of the media and has become more diagnosed among patients. As I began to put myself in the shoes of someone with this disorder, I realized what barriers it would cause, how it would affect my daily …show more content…
When this primary identity takes over, the individual is usually passive, depressed, or guilty ("Dissociative identity disorder, 2013"). The other personalities, or alters, typically contrast the primary personality. These alternate personalities are said to come out and take over the individual due to certain stressful triggers. In a number of cases, individuals report experiencing extreme physical and sexual abuse, especially during childhood ("Dissociative identity disorder, 2013"). The individual tries to dissociate from these memories, and this is where altars may emerge. Alters may deny knowledge of other alters, may be critical of the others, or there may even be conflict between them ("Dissociative identity disorder, 2013"). All of this information led me to understand the truth about what DID is. This also made me become very interested in learning more about it. DID is a disorder I have seen many movies about, but never have witnessed directly. The disorder interested me very much because of how unique it is. No other disorder deals with multiple personalities in one body. That is so fascinating to me. I also knew that DID is the most extreme part of dissociation. I have seen this disorder in movies before, and I wanted to know if Hollywood was exaggerating this disorder, or if it really was that extreme. I wanted to learn more about what causes and triggers it, also. Another huge aspect of

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