Dissociative Identity Disorder And Dissociative Disorder Essay

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What is Dissociative identity disorder?
This paper will discuss dissociative identity disorder which is one of several dissociative disorders. Dissociative identity disorder has not been around as long as many other mental disorders, the earliest cases of persons reporting dissociative identity disorder symptoms were not recorded until the 1790’s. (Frey R.J., Ph.D. Cataldo L.J., RN, Ed.D. Longe J.L., 2015.). Even though it has not been around for that long psychiatrists are debating whether dissociative identity disorder was previously misdiagnosed and underreported, or currently over diagnosed. (Frey et al 2015.). Psychiatrists may not find out wither if it is over, under or misdiagnosed, but people need to know what DID is. People also should know what causes DID to develop, symptoms and how to treat it.
What is Dissociative identity disorder? To understand DID you need to know what dissociative disorder. Dissociative disorders are major changes in memory that do not have clear physical causes. (Comer, R.J., 2016, p. 170.). When it comes to DID the memory holds lock memory or memories that have been forgotten and only a personality hold the key. Dissociative identity Disorder, known in the past as multiple personality disorder, develops two or more distinct personalities, often called subpersonalities, or alternate personalities, each with a unique set of memories, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. (Comer, R.J., 2016, p. 170.) The most distinctive feature of DID is the…

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