Dissociative Identity Disorder Analysis

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The majority of the world’s population have all participated in a form of dissociation.
Whether its daydreaming or meditating, people have found a way to briefly disconnect themselves from their present lives, where they are able to find peace or an understanding. For some though, this is a nightmare turned into a reality that can’t be escaped. Dissociative Identity
Disorder (DID) is a disorder that can be described as, “Two or more distinct identities or personality states are present, each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to and thinking about the environment and self” (American Psychiatric Association,
2013). In simpler terms, DID is having two or more distinct personalities in one individual, altering turns
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This can be the start of forming different identities, also known as alters.
Meet the Alters.
In the passage Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder Alters, the American’s
Mental Health Channel provides information for people who want to specifically understand the alters. Alters is a short term for Alternating Personalities, where they different types of identities with their own unique qualities. They can range in age, gender, names, memories, accents, language, you name it. Alters appear as a coping mechanism in threatening situations due to a traumatic incident. So even though the identity of the alter may seem as a life on its own, they were based on how the original individual perceived their situation.
Alters emerge when they are drawn out by someone or something, usually relating to the trauma. Mental Health Channel claims that the most common alters are the childlike and adolescence one, they come out “to handle the abuse the original personality couldn’t handle,” and are usually referred to as little. The protector; they are usually more tough and only come out when they need to save the original personality from danger. The persecutor and perpetrator
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A promiscuous sixteen-year-old girl that represented an exciting time the original had missed out on. There was a 1950’s housewife that served as her mother figure, because the original was put into foster care. Then there was the child version of the original, who came out whenever she felt vulnerable or scared. It wasn’t until she took the alter of an animalistic beast that screamed and destroyed everything that, the main character started to take the alter of a therapist. They try to figure out what must be bothering her. She starts to hypnotize herself, trying to get to the core of the problem so that maybe she can fix her disorder. After figuring out that she was molested by her brother, she takes the alter of him. As her brother, she starts to hurt herself and destroy her life by damaging the people around her. This is known as the persecutor. At the end of the show, her brothers alter starts to kill off the rest of the personalities, portraying the perpetrator now. The season finale comes to an end and the main character kills off her brother’s personality,

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