Dissimilarities Identity and Belonging Essay

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Dissimilarities most of the times influences and make us rethink our sense of belonging and identity. Differences in terms of religion, value, opinion, appearance, race, gender –to name a few is what makes us unique individuals and assist’s us in determining who we really want to be and where we really want to belong.
Differences allows us to determine ourselves, every group has their own set of values and limits - to belong we must not only share those values but also accept and obey those unique set of rules & if we don’t, then it clearly tells us that we don’t want to get identified as a part of those groups because our sense of identity is totally distinguishable from them. Think of why out of all the people that we know, we only
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The brief relationship he forms in the Amish world which is totally different to his does not completely redefine him, but helped the development of his personal qualities as an individual.
Further more, moving to a new world and experiencing the differences can attract a person towards those differences and therefore making an individual to change his or her sense of identity and belonging from the world he or she once belonged into a complete new world. Consider the example of an afghan background youth moving from a world of war to a free and well developed country of Australia. After seeing and experiencing a complete new world where everything a person want is available this youth would most likely get attracted by what other groups of boys in his school is doing, such as smoking, drinking and etc and would obviously want to belong to that group and do hold the attitude they posses because they are the group that has all the attention drawn toward them. This new world’s difference attracts the young youth and helps him determine who he wants to be and whom he wants to belong to.
Of course it’s the differences that assist us in determining our identity and belonging, if it wasn’t for this differences how else an individual would be able to identify who they are and where they desire to belong. Think about it, don’t the continuous challenges that we encounter through out our lives lead us to new

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