Essay on Disruptive Behavior in the Workplace

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Department internal factors and their relationship to a business unit’s performance
Organizational Behavior
OM 8004
October 19, 2008

Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Background of Problem 4
Research Questions 7
Employee Groups 8
Disruptive Behaviors 9
Horizontal Violence 11
Implications 12
Recommendations 13
Conclusion 14
References 16

Abstract Companies are in business to make a profit and maintain market share. Obviously, healthcare institutions have the same goal. Hospitals, a part of the healthcare industry, like other companies, no longer just operate on a small scale. They are forced to perform globally. Patients, a
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Ms. Ewen has reported that her business unit is underperforming. Her greatest concern is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain or surpass the monthly goal of 250 deliveries. Most of the department employees have been at the hospital for over 10 years and have worked under several directors and managers. The current management team (Director, Clinical Manager, Assistant Nurse Manager, and Clinical Educator) is a relatively young (12 months tenure) group. The seasoned employees have formed a very strong clique and very rarely allow outsiders within their ranks. In addition, they are very intimidating to other employees who are not apart of their group. As a result there is a lot of groupthink and very little teamwork. There is little sharing of information within the department outside of what is dispensed from the management staff. They are very resistant to change. Also, the department is severely understaffed, and there is no support for new employees who join the department. Very often new employees (preceptees) report that several seasoned employees are covertly or overtly unwilling to help them through challenging

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