Essay about Disposable People By Richard Bales

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In Chapter Seven of Disposable People, Richard Bales outline three main reasons why modern slavery has flourished including overpopulation, economic globalization, corruption. For each of these reasons, Bales outlines several tactics for combating human trafficking. In relation to overpopulation, Bales writes that, “The best contraceptives in the world--education and social protection against poverty in old age and illness--are also the best guard against enslavement.” Therefore, educating and providing social services like healthcare, food, and housing assistance for vulnerable populations will protect against overpopulation, and in turn against more people being enslaved. In relation to economic globalization, Bales points to the necessity for macro interference like changing and creating new laws that make profiting from slavery illegal. He also notes the power of the consumer in the fight against slavery. He gives the example of how when consumers were made aware of the fact that many handmade rugs were woven together by child laborers and with the help of organizations that give the “Rugmark,” consumers used their buying power to demand handmade rugs that were made by free labor. And lastly, Bales argues that there is a need for more research and investigations into the movement of goods and raw materials that were processed by slaves and that educators need to help consumers understand which products were made by slave labor and which were made responsibly. Dealing…

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