Disparity In Education Essay

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Education Disparity Within the Nation

What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside a person who can’t afford an education? As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It is a tool that can change the workings of the world by bringing various ideas together to create something new. Nevertheless, today’s education is diminishing around the world because only privileged people have a chance to experience it; therefore education should be accessible to everyone, no matter what disparity is evident. Adolescents, who are classified as “unworthy,” do not receive an equal opportunity to experience a higher education, which contributes to the lack of academics necessary for a student’s
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Males and females are not given the same opportunities because men are seen more superior than women, which is evident in the course of history. For example, all forty-three presidents of the United States of America have been male. As a result of gender inequality, women’s chances in job opportunity is affected. In the article, “Gender: Gender and Education,” Christina states that “highly educated women hold positions as government officials and are important religious figures in countries as varied as Palestine, Egypt, Iran, and Qatar but their formal participation in political life is much more limited in other states in the region,” (Christina 882). The author proclaims that women are able to hold positions within the government, nevertheless, it is not of the same equality as men. Women do not experience the full extent of their learned knowledge because of their limited roles. Moreover, it is proven that with higher education women can increase their direct and indirect contributions to the financial market. It increases their productive skills, delays marriage, expands their working class, and minimizes their fertility rates. As a result, it increases women’s health and education and the education of their children if they do bear (Christina 883). In the text, the author emphasizes that if women and men were seen equally and obtained identical levels of higher education, then there would be no gender inequality. Furthermore, it would increase their productivity as well, aiding them to acquire better opportunities and receiving a substantial increase in

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