Disparity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Essay

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Disparity and Discrimination
Cynthia Valentin
Judith Brodsky

Disparity and discrimination in the criminal justice system causes lack of equality based on the certain individual’s religious beliefs, color of skin and background. We live in a world where discrimination and disparities should no longer exist but unfortunately they do. The people around us are the ones who make the world what it is today therefore seeing someone for the way they look and not looking deeper into ones personality is very immoral and unethical. Stereotyping against individuals because of stories you hear will cause false judging and more conflict. Discrimination and disparities are always visible even within the
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Disparity in criminal justice refers to inequity of arrests and sentencing for certain groups of people; it nearly always refers to racial and ethnic disparity. Racial disparity has been definitively verified, though it may not always be related to intentional discrimination. Legitimate legal factors involved in racial disparity include severity of the offense and previous criminal record (Moore, 2014). For instance a poor man sentenced harsher than a middle-class or rich man, a male sentenced harsher than a female, or an African-American or Hispanic male sentenced harsher than a white male. Racial disparities play a huge role in the criminal justice field. Studies show that African Americans make up 12% of the US population, 40% of all arrests, 50% of prison population and 50% of inmates in death row. Even though whites and blacks use drugs at almost the same rate, blacks are four times more likely to be arrested on drug related charges (Harcourt, 2014).
The differences between disparities and discrimination is a very important factor within the criminal justice field. Noting the differences will clear up the confusion between the two. Disparity is a natural imbalance or inequality. Discrimination is the result of man-made imbalance or inequality. Many say that disparity comes from discrimination but that’s not always the case. For example many studies have stated that minorities commit more crimes than whites therefore they get

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