Disorganized Killers Essay

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Serial killers are defined as people who commit three or more murders, with a cooling off period that could last anywhere from days to years. Serial killers, regardless of their preferred method of murder, have an ultimate uncontrollable aggression that drives their need to kill. What mainly differentiates serial killers from the well-adjusted individuals in society is the inability to control aggression. Everyone has the ability to murder and some even have the same dark fantasies as serial killers, but they can distinguish a fantasy from reality and right from wrong. Psychology is an enormous factor in criminal profiling. The behavior of the criminals can usually be determined by what is left at the crime scene and even what is not left at …show more content…
A disorganized killer is generally experiencing a psychotic break from reality often taking directives from voices or other beings, or is under the influence of drugs. Most often, disorganized killers are blinded by the mental disorders they suffer from and cannot grasp the fact that the acts that they are committing are not acceptable. Most disorganized killers are usually white males, live alone, have little to no contact with their family, if any family at all, posses blue collar jobs or are unemployed, live or work near the crime scene, or are sexually incompetent. Disorganized killers depersonalize their victims; therefore, their victims will be ones of opportunity, generally high risk individuals or someone convenient to the killer. Another indicator of depersonalization is that the victim’s face will be covered up or face down so that they cannot see the killer. Disorganized killers act on impulse, also known as blitzing, and use weapons of opportunity, something deadly that is convenient at the time of the murder. Also common with disorganized killers is necrophilia, sexual acts with corpses. The crime scene of a disorganized killer will show little or no effort to hide the body, any evidence, or the weapon. The crime scenes will also be random and not have a consistent victim type. They stand out in a community because of the odd behavior they exhibit. A disorganized killer will not take pride in what they leave behind and they will not take any trophies. Reliving the kills is not enough to be satisfied so they need to commit them again and again. John Frazier, also known as The Killer Prophet, was a serial murderer who claims that God told him to kill an ophthalmologist and his family and then burn the house down. This perversion of The Bible, his weapon of opportunity, and the randomness of the victims indicates that he

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