Disobedience And Oppression According To The Old Testament Of Time

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Prior to the birth of Jesus Christ, the people of Israel awaited the long begot promise of the Messiah. During their waiting they had undergone severe persecution, due to their historically continued disobedience and violation of their covenant with God. Having their homes destroyed, belongings seized, they were taken into captivity repeatedly by a multitude of nations, only to be mistreated and enslaved. Not to mention, their beloved temple was decimated repeatedly. Adding to their woe’s, the Israelites lived under the law and the after- effects of living under strict regulation in order to survive and maintain purity as a chosen nation. Oppression also came at the hands of self-righteous leaders whom changed the
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The grace of God is evidenced through the prophetic proclamation of the Old Testament prophets, who repeatedly spoke of the coming of Christ. Therefore, the fullness of time spoken of in Galatians 4:4 harmonizes with the proclamations as divinely inspired by the Spirit of God. Providentially, man had proven that he was unable to keep the covenant established by God, and God honouring His covenant He established with Abraham, demonstrated his love and grace through his son Jesus Christ through redemption. Because we have been redeemed we received the acknowledgement of the gift and inheritance of sonship.
The Israelites awaited the long foretold prophecy of the God-man whom would come to deliver them out of their bondage and sufferings, however Israel’s gaze focused on a military leader whom would free them from the burdens of their captors, the suffering they had undergone, as well as bring about the revolution they had long
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In addition, they were looking for redemption through someone that God would raise up, to release them from the penalty resulting from the violation of the covenant. Their expectations for the awaiting of the Messiah was based on the historical proclamations inspired by God to the prophets of a saviour that would come in His “Fullness of Time”. Personally, it means to me that though my sins exist, He has made provision for my redemption by satisfying Justice through the agency of Justification. The people of Israel had a lingering sense of entitlement, in which was a form of pridefulness.
In my readings one of the key principles that I’ve taken from Galatians 4:4, which reads: “but when the fullness of time came, God sent forth his Son, born of a women, born under the Law…” My resolve after pondering this statement in my studies, Is that God’s timing is perfect for all things which He has set forth to come into existence. Those plans cannot be thwarted or quickened unless it has been willed by God. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 states; tell us that there is a time for

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