Walt Disney Company Financial Analysis

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The main purpose of this report is to analysis and understands on how the company’s perform and earns the business profit. Additionally, end of this report we will be able to determine the different business strategic which interrelated to the SBU’s of the corporation. This report will also contain various analyzes of the market and the company's current market position.
The Walt Disney Company is a largest multinational media and entertainment company in America. The corporate office is Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California.

Disney was founded on 16 October 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney brothers who most commonly known as Walter Elias. Furthermore, it is one of largest and best Hollywood studio in a world which is most
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 However the net profit margin has dramatically increased from 10.41% to 13.62% in
2010 to 2013.
• The ROCE of Disney was increased from 13.40% to 14.94% due to increase in overall net operating profit before tax 11.76% to 13.44%.

Efficiency & liquidity analysis
 From the measurement of current ratio analysis, the ability of company to pay its short-term agreement. Current ratio of Walt Disney Company has deteriorated from 1.14 to 1.07 times in 2011 to 2012 but then improved in 2012 to 2013 respectively due to the sudden fall in current liabilities.
 cash ratio improved since 2011 to 2013
 The receivable turnover of Disney is 6.83 to 6.64 therefore they collecting their cash collections efficiently.
 Walt Disney Company’s inventory turnover is dropped from 21.81 in 2011 and 21.34 in 2012 followed by 23.54 in 2013 and it might demonstrate strong sales of Disney.

 Moreover, net borrowings of 1.36% Walt Disney managed to improve Leverage Ratio in 2013 to
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• Disney is well known brand in world.
• most favourite place to visit for all range of ages
• various type of products for different age of people
• Direct marketing through all over the world because of the famous brand.
• Ensure that the system upgrade and technology in order to provide a complete to protect the product.

• the price of ticket depends on the country’s currency
• Direct sales and direct exchange.
• providing variety of packages for customers
• Flexibility, able to booked or purchased anywhere in the world.
• The price is fixed all over the world.

• Despite rising ticket prices for Disney theme parks but provide premium Magic Kingdom.
• Mother and children are the main target of Disney
• Disney also providing free tickets for students
• There will be discounted ticket price during festival session

• very convince to purchase ticket via online
• Special assistance page to prevent fraud.

• Disney targets 4 geographical and 5 operating segments
• Disney earned income from around the

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