Essay about Disneyland Measles Outbreak

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Disneyland Measles Outbreak

Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing
Andrea Paige Pounds
September 18, 2015

Disneyland Measles Outbreak
One of the most popular places to visit in the United States today is Disneyland in California. Thousands of people including children can be found all together at one time in the Disneyland Theme Park having the time of their life with rides, shows, and dining at park restaurants. Disneyland can be a fun-filled dream for many families but can also be a family’s worst nightmare if a visitor happens to have a communicable disease, which is exactly what happened in December 2014.
As of January 2015, it was reported that at least two dozen people were infected with Measles between
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All healthcare facilities would be required to notify the health department of each infected or possibly infected person known. It is the public health department and local government’s job to make the public aware of the outbreak and to assess and notify possible exposed contacts so that isolation and treatment can be established. An outbreak of Measles would take a heavy toll on the community and healthcare facilities financially in verifying the vaccinated, assessing possible exposures, treating and isolating the infected, providing vaccinations where needed, making the public aware, and making special equipment available needed for protection.
There is a system in place for local, state, and federal agencies to administer if a Measles outbreak were to occur in a community. If a single report of Measles is discovered, healthcare providers in the area will be notified so that they will be on the alert for anyone displaying the symptoms of Measles. If more cases are discovered, local agencies such as the health department will notify the state department and make them aware of the outbreak. The information will be made public to the community and the members of the community will be educated about when to seek treatment and how to minimize possible exposure. The state department will notify the Center for Disease Control who in turn keep up with the statistics regarding the

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