Essay on Disney 's Racism And Sexism

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We as humans are almost trained to identify, and determine our gender by our biological sex. The words “gender” and “sex” are commonly used interchangeably. The definition of the word “sex” is the classification of people based on genitalia, commonly known as male and female. Gender refers to social norms, and stereotypical, behavioral, and cultural traits. This is usually dictated by society. Society tends to ostracize people whose gender do not go hand-in-hand with their biological sex. Society is a hegemony, and we have built gender norms and stereotypes upon ourselves. Gender norms in society start out when we are infants, from the toys are parents choose to allow us to play with. Whether it is playing with legos, or playing with a dollhouse. A few articles that I will be speaking about are Disney’s racism and sexism by Anna Escher, Disney Is NOT Sexist by Susie Kopecky, Wearing Makeup by Sociology of style, etc. We cannot blame society, because we are in fact… Society. My biological sex is female, and I identify myself with being feminine, or society identifies me with being feminine because of my behavioral traits. I construct a gendered self within my everyday interactions with others every single day I interact with people. Even though I do not act as submissive as I should, as the stereotypical woman act, it is heard within my voice that I am girly. My voice tends to soften around boys, and I don’t act as tough, because that is how I should act according to the…

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