Disney 's Adaptation Of Cinderella Essay

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We have all seen the ending of Disney’s adaptation of Cinderella. The prince falls in love with the mysterious beauty that shows up to the ball and they live happily ever after. But what about when Cinderella’s step-sisters cut their foot off in order to fit the glass slipper? We also fell in love with the 2010 hit movie Rapunzel, where we learned about the hopeful independent girl who grew up in a tower alone and fell for the mischievous rough rider. The one part we missed though was when Rapunzel became pregnant at the end of the movie. The gruel and missing endings of these stories and many other beloved fairytales are courtesies of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. These unusual endings are representations of how Disney movies have altered the original stories over time.

Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm were born in Hanau Germany in the late 1700’s where they spent most of their lives. The brothers spent much of their time together which made it easy for them to work together. Both brothers studied literature and language as they grew up. Sparked by the romanticism time period, the Grimm brothers became interested in writing stories, specifically fairy tales. The Grimm brother’s vicious gritty stories “never even set out to entertain kids” written with “footnotes and no illustrations”, the stories were made to appeal to an adult audience (History 1). Disney has shaped the original tales by the Grimm brothers to be enjoyed by a young audience. Unlike the gorey fairy tales,…

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