Disney Studios : Walt Disney Essay

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In 1923, Walter Elias Disney along with his brother Roy formed Walt Disney Studio formally known as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Walt created a series of short lived-action/animated films titled Alice Comedies. The inspiration of the comedies came from a short film Walt created while living in Kansas City called Alice’s Wonderland. Walt’s work eventually attracted the attention of M.J. Winkler a distributor in New Work.
The brothers began working out of a small office located in Los Angeles, California. Within four months, the company had to upgrade its smaller rental space to accommodate the growing staff. On September 5, 1927, the inception of Walt Disney Company’s greatest creation came in a form of a character called “Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit.” Unfortunately, the following year, Walt was blindsided when he learned that the distributor had employed nearly all of Disney’s animators with expectations to create the Oswald cartoons in his own studio. Since Winkler owned the rights to Oswald, Walt had no choice but to give up his character. Walt learned from this experience the importance of owning everything he created. As Walt worked to create a new character, he decided to change Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit into Mickey Mouse. (See Exhibit 1) In efforts to attract another distributor, Walt did something that would forever change the way people viewed animation. He decided that if he could synchronize his cartoons to sound it would create a different…

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