Disney Princess Stereotypes

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It is Better to Live in a Castle
Over the recent years there have been discussions on how a woman have to look like, many people believe that the Disney princesses have generated a negative impact on expectations of girls, and young people about their future. Young woman nowadays believe that they have to be physically perfect to find a good man. Unfortunately, many of these stories of Disney princess are teaching that the value of a woman is measured more for her appearance than for their intelligence. There are three eras of this films, each one with different stereotypes of the perfect woman depending of their generation.
Women have evolved over time as princesses evolve according to the era in which they belong. There are three different
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A great impact was made by feminism since they were more liberals and independent considering the princess were able to make their own choices and complete their goals. Although women seem to have more power, sexism play a role on the princesses revealing dresses, and there were more sexual references in the films. A movie that represent this era was frozen, the princess Elsa was forced to maintain herself in isolation to hide the powers that she possessed, so she grow up alone because of the fair hat her parents built around her of not being acceptance by the village. When her parents pass away she was able to finally stand up for herself; however, she did not need a prince to rescue and help even in the film the stereotypical roles of women were questionable since the two sister managed to govern their kingdom alone. Since Elsa didn’t found a prince or get married she was successful by her own and become the queen of her kingdom. Elsa is a character with an independent identity compared with the patriarchy and male chauvinism discourse given so far in Disney (Lee) many audience are believing that she is homosexual since she did not end up with a prince nor a husband. Society still does not understand that women had power and freedom as any man had, and women can solve their own problems without any

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