Essay on Disney in Asia, Again

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Disney in Asia, Again
Raymond H. Lopez
Pace University

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No. 26 March 2002

Disney in
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From humble beginnings at The Disney Brothers Studio, founded in 1923 by Walter E. and Roy O. Disney, the firm had developed into a global powerhouse in the leisure services industry.3

Multimedia Production
The company produced and acquired line-action and animated motion pictures for distribution to the theatrical, home video, and television markets. The firm also created original television programming for the network and first-run syndication markets. Disney distributed its filmed products through its own distribution and marketing companies in the United States and most foreign markets. The company licensed the name “Walt Disney,” as well as the company’s characters, visual and literary properties, songs, and music to various consumer manufacturers, retailers, show promoters, and publishers throughout the world. The firm also engaged in direct retail distribution principally through the Disney Stores, and published books and magazines for the general public in the United States and European markets. In addition, Disney produced audio and computer software products for the entertainment market, as well as film, video, and computer software products for the educational marketplace. Buena Vista Internet Group (BVIG) coordinated the company’s Internet initiatives. BVIG developed, published, and distributed content for narrow-band online services, interactive television platforms, interactive web sites, including, Disney’s Daily Blast,, ABC

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