Disney Fairy Tales: Disney Vs. Grimm Brothers

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Fairy Tales: Disney vs Grimm Brothers
Everyone at some point has seen or heard of the Disney fairy tales such as the well-known Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and so on and so forth. However, what you might not know is where these stories originated from. A majority of Disney’s stories are an adaption of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales which aren’t nearly as heartwarming as Disney portrays them as. However, how do the two stories compare and contrast to one another? The major similarities and differences between these two kinds of fairy tales can be found in the titles, plots, characters, conclusions of the stories, and how they state the happily ever after.
Although Disney stories are based off of Grimm fairy tales they don’t use the same
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Almost every story matches up to that storyline. In Disney’s Cinderella she’s essentially a servant in her own household, a prince has a ball and spots her in a crowd, and they end up happily ever after when the slipper fits her foot. Then again in Sleeping Beauty Aurora is cursed and falls asleep, when the prince finds Aurora his kiss awakens her, and they end up happily ever after. In Grimm’s version of Cinderella it’s the same kind of deal she’s a servant in her own household, a prince has a three day ball and finds her, and they end up getting married. Then in Little Briar-Rose Briar-Rose is cursed and falls into a deep sleep, when a prince stumbles upon the kingdom he saves her and they end up living happily until they …show more content…
Disney stories are very lighthearted, nothing terrible happens in them. A few of the minor struggles that Disney characters go through are being a servant, or being cursed. However, in Grimm tales they are a lot more gruesome. In Cinderella the stepsisters were told to cut off either their heel or big toe in order to fit into the slipper, then later in the story both of their eyes get pecked out by some passing birds. In the story of Little Red Cap, Grimm’s version of Red Riding Hood, Red’s grandma is eaten by the wolf and later Red is eaten as well. In Disney’s Sleeping Beauty only Aurora falls asleep, however in Grimm’s version when Briar-Rose touched the needle the whole kingdom fell under the sleeping

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