Walt Disney's Achievements

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Hard working, creative, different, are three things that describe Walt Disney. Many people know that Walt was the creator of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland, but he is so much more. As a well known creator of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney showed Americans that they’re dreams can come true. He left a lasting legacy as person of creativity. Walt’s personal life was very exciting. His childhood was better than you would expect and he didn’t have a difficult childhood. Walt was the black sheep in his family only because he was fascinated with art and would sketch animals that he would see. (Bio.com). Not everyone in his family would consider him the black sheep. His brother Roy was his closed sibling ever since they were young. They were both very supportive of each other in everything. (Cole ,pg.15). His childhood was as happy as his personal adulthood life. His adulthood helped him with his happiness and brought him joy while other …show more content…
All of his accomplishments were very creative and special in their own way. In the year of 1929, Walt started his Silly Symphony series and that series gave him a huge leap to success. Disney later created his most famous cartoon, Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse starred in Steamboat Willie which was the first cartoon that used synchronized sound. (Fetzer, pg.235-237). Walt Disney had big accomplishment in his life and I think he used the success wisely.
Walt Disney left behind a great legacy and influenced the world to follow their dreams because he followed his dreams since he was a young boy. After the tragedy of Disney’s death his heart and soul was still in the world because of the joy he brings to faces when people look at his creations. When Walt passed away, his older brother, Roy, continued with Walt’s plans with the amusement park. Disney was still stimulating the imagination of millions of people all over the world. Even though he was gone, he was still working his

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