Disney World: An Analysis Of Disney's Organizational Culture

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Organization Culture
Disney says, that what identifies their organizations culture is employee selection, training, care and communication. They say each is crucial to creating and nurturing a culture of excellence. Which is what Disney is known for doing, creating a memorable experience for their guest. In order to accomplish that, they go through 3 days of orientation and traditions for their new employees. Disney is a brand recognized globally, in Orlando Florida Disney has their resorts and parks with around 55,000 employees. They say that each one of their employees know their role, Disney makes sure that all of their potential employees know what is required from them even before they join the organization. Disney’s employees are required
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Employees are assigned a custom, and they have to keep it on until the end of the show. If the custom is removed before the show ends, it will mean an immediate dismissal. It might sound harsh, but Disney is trying to keep a magic experience for visitors, after all that is what they are known for. Employees are required to live in the apartments Disney provides them, but they have to pay for their own rent. Employees say that the apartment rent is expensive, and that Disney takes the tab right out of their paycheck ("Working in Disney World: Behind the Magic", 2009). Disney has four key words for their employees which are, safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency, these four words are the heart of everything Disney Cast Members do. This simple training model makes it easy for cast members to evaluate what they should do in difficult situations, and it helps provide the best guest service possible (DiCologero, 2014). Disney had another theme park in Hong Kong with around 7,000 cast members. Members have to go to training at least one week of every year. Disney required employees to know English, and the language of the country their theme park is located, if applied to that specific location. Disney has a club that strives to promote diversity in the workplace, this club is called RACE means "Recreational and Cultural Events". Disney says, that diversity inclusion in their industry is fundamental for its success. The company reported significant success thanks to its Global Workplace and Women’s Initiative (GWWI) program, which focuses on expanding opportunities for women. Over the past year, The Walt Disney Company saw success in promoting more women into management roles ("The Walt Disney Company | DiversityInc Top 50", 2015). Disney shows the importance of diversity in their industry by having

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