Disintegration Of The Family Is The Real Root Cause Of Violent Crime By Patrick Fagan Analysis

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Patrick F. Fagan introduces the piece “Disintegration of the family is the real root cause of violent crime” which addresses the main causes of violent crime in context of modern day affairs. Although Fagan lacks peer review and citation, his examples show a deep understanding of his point that the underlying cause of violent crimes can be accredited to illegitimacy. Fagan’s approach to inform readers of his opinion is a strategic method of integrating examples of his research into his evidence supporting his position. He ensures to acknowledge major opposing theories and he is very well organized in stating his supporting proof.

Throughout his essay, Fagan revisits his idea of Illegitimacy being essential to creating a violent criminal. He
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He tells us that “fewer than five percent of criminals account for 50% of all criminal convictions.” (Fagan) but he doesn’t source that statistic. He makes valuable statements mentioning social scientists and criminologists but without giving credit or mentioning who these people are these claims cannot be taken seriously. Fagan brings forward the argument that “the popular assumption that there is an association between race and crime is false” (Fagan). He attempts to prove a large claim and contradict popular belief which requires significant sources and evidence to make this argument valid. Moreover, Fagan attempts to expand his findings to the general population, though this claim is high in external validity due to natural observation, he lacks a valuable sample that encompasses both criminals and non-criminals to the idea that violent crime is due to the breakdown of …show more content…
This direct relationship with individuals affected by a broken family allows Fagan to better support his understanding of the causal factors that create criminals. His knowledge and deep understanding allows for him to write an article that is easy to follow and understand; he offers his arguments as “summarized in five basic stages” (Fagan). Which create distinct segments that isolate each section leading up to crime. By doing this Fagan entices readers to continue to read as a simplistic format is easier to follow along and allows for him to state his ideas in a clear and concise

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