Essay about Disgrace - Morality of David Lurie

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Write an essay in which you explore Lurie’s view of morality. Use examples from the text to support your observations:

Morality according to Wikipedia: “Derived from the Latin word Moralitas which means manner, character, and proper behavior. Moral code is a system of morality and a moral is any one practice or teaching within a moral code. Morality can be synonymous with “goodness” or “rightness”.”

David Lurie has a mixed sense of morality. On one hand, he sleeps with prostitutes in order to fulfill his sexual needs as they are in his view, something that needs to be fulfilled like any other basic human need and it doesn’t matter how or by whom this need is fulfilled. On the other hand, he is a romanticist and turns everything
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Here again, it seems he has no morals. He does feel fatherly towards her, but still continues to pursue her sexually which again questions his moral values.

David then moves to the country where he is plagued by things such as, why is Lucy doing farm work? She is barefoot and overweight, which to him seems improper. Looking at the definition of Moralitas which means proper behaviour, this is morally incorrect. David views her living arrangement as uncivilized and morally incorrect.
When his daughter Lucy is raped, he is obviously broken apart and suddenly his views toward rape and women seem different. Now suddenly, it is wrong for someone to force himself upon another – rape – although Melanie also rejected him which makes him a rapist in a sense then as well. His moral code is different, now that his daughter has been harmed. Lucy seems to close up towards David and to see him no better than the men who raped her – after all, he put another women through the same thing (well, allegedly).

David was hurt during the farm attack, and the person who cared for him was Bill Shaw. David describes their friendship: “Bill Shaw believes that, because he and David Lurie once had a cup of tea together, David Laurie is his friend, and the two of them have obligations to each other.” What kind of a friend sleeps with his friend’s wife? This is another example of

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