Disgrace Is A Novel By J. M. A Brief Essay

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Disgrace is a novel written by J. M. Coetzee and was published in the year 1999. It features David Lurie, a fifty-two-years-old English professor in Cape Town. Lurie attempts to have a sexual relationship with Soraya, a married prostitute (Cooper 23). When this fails, he seduces her and later leaves her for an affair with Melanie Isaacs. Melanie files a complaint against Lurie and apparently, he loses his status, his job, and his dignity, forcing him to live with his lesbian daughter Lucy. Although there are several characters in this novel, Melanie Isaacs is a person of interest, who we attempt to analyze her personality and the role that she played in this story. Melanie is depicted as beautiful and stylish but not intelligent.
Melanie is a beautiful and stylish girl in Lurie’s’ Romantic Poetry Course. She is also a keen drama student, who carefully chooses her words before uttering them. Melanie has a liking for feminist writers in literature. She is portrayed as a beautiful student, but not bright in class. Melanie takes Lurie in, even though she did not want to have a relationship with him. Her secretive personality can be seen in the sense that she avoids telling Lurie that she does not wish to have an affair with him, but instead she has sex with him and then files a complaint against him to avoid the relationship (Kossew 157).
Melanie adds a complex and confusing twist to Coetzee’s novel. The book does not give the story from Melanie’s perspective, making it hard to…

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