Disgrace : ' Disgrace ' Essay

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Disgrace is a word in which everyone is familiar with, whether we see it through our own merits or the merits of others. Throughout J.M. Coetzee 's novel Disgrace we see the fall of a prestigious man, Dave Lurie, and how he copes with his own disgrace. The novel also gives us incite on his character and his perspective in which David sees everything around him involving the disgraces he was put through throughout the story as part of his own personal story.

This statement could be elaborated upon by David 's constant discussions with himself. In these various discussions David attempts to put himself into anothers shoes while he still focuses on himself. Whether it be his own daughter or a prostitute he has had relations with. David usually asks himself what do others think of the situation involving him. "As for her, she cannot hide from him what is passing through her mind: so this is the man my sister has been naked with! So this is the man she has done it with! This old man!" (Coetzee 169) This quote gives a fine example of David 's inner discussions. David who attended a dinner with the family of student he had the affair with seems to think that the students sister think of David as "gross" for being an old man and not for the fact that he was a professor having sexual relations with her sister who was a student, but he insist on it being his age not his actions. This shows that David thinks himself and his current stature are all that is important.

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