Silence Of Women Analysis

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The Disenfranchisement & Silence of Women through Male dominance Throughout history even to the present, the representation of women is unequal in a culture based on the patriarchal system that systematically silences women. Men represent the dominant half of society, therefore, maintain control and continue to disproportionately define human experience from only their perspective. Thus meaning that only half of the population’s point of view is being represented and then validated by the very same half. Through such power, men are able to define language and express which topics are significant while simultaneously trivializing issues that are important to women. Men are able to solidify their dominant position by forcing women to use man …show more content…
Thus leading to systematic silencing of because of the lack of woman made meaning because half of the human experience is lost. “Men have made up the meanings for society and then have check with other men to see if those meanings are accurate. Because this activity has been the prerogative of men as the dominant group.” (Spender, 76.) Therefore, we have a gaping hole of misinformation because men cannot fully fathom the world from a woman’s perspective but by men being in power, they define meanings for men and women. To worsen such a disparity of inequality their meanings, and system of checks and balances kept in check and balanced by the same system and sex that created them this is why no fault is found. This means that not only can women not define their own meanings but cannot effectively check the system that defines their very existence. Historically women had little to no part in defining the major tenets of society, thus not including the female perspective from most of history. “Sara diamond (1985) writes about the ‘non-literary’ forms such as recollections (oral history), passed down from woman to woman, which ‘when pooled together… Contradict history as told by (mostly) bourgeois men)” (Houston, Kramarae , 395.) This means that without the female perspective history is told subjectively thus preventing an equal view of the …show more content…
“Women are muted because men are in control and the language and the meanings and the knowledge of women cannot be accounted for outside that male control. If women’s meanings are to have unfettered impression, then it seems that men must cease to have control” (Spender,77)This means that for women to have a sense of control of their own language, history, rhetoric and even sense of self is through men’s perspective. Women’s experience is methodically barred from them which is denying them their own experience as women that all of they know is through the perspective of men. To halt such a disparity and unjustifiable recourse/discourse men must not remain in the governing group but rather women and men share it equally.
“Breaking out of silence means more than being empowered to speak or to write, it also means controlling the form as well as the content of one’s own communication, the power to develop and share one’s own unique voice.” Pg 389 This would be to undermine men’s position and forcing them to be our equal rather than placing them in the same position women were in

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