Essay On Sickle Cell Disease

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Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited autosomal recessive disorder that is diagnosed in both children and adults. Most children in the United States are diagnosed very early in age, because the signs and symptoms of Sickle Cell Disease are usually going to begin in early childhood ( Sickle Cell Disease is a disorder in which the body produces sickle, or “crescent” shaped, blood cells instead of disc-shaped cells. These crescent shaped blood cells are caused by an abnormal sickle shaped hemoglobin molecule called hemoglobin S. A normal RBC is flexible, biconcave in shape, and passes freely within blood vessels. On the contrary, sickle-shaped cells are stiff, sticky and are more prone to blocking blood vessels and sticking to each other. The blocking of blood vessels stops blood from flowing to limbs, organs and other body tissues.
Sickle Cell Disease is an autosomal recessive disorder, meaning two
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It is important to remember that the severity of symptoms may vary among different children. Children who have severe symptoms are often hospitalized for treatment. The most common symptom related to anemia is fatigue. The child will often feel tired and or weak. They may also have dizziness, shortness of breath and headaches. Their skin will be paler than normal, and they may also have signs of jaundice. One of the most important symptoms to be managed in the patient with Sickle cell disease is pain. Because the shape of the sickle cells causes blockage in blood vessels, this will often create sudden pain throughout the body. This is also known as a Sickle cell crisis. The patient may have severe pain in their bones, joins, abdomen, chest and lungs. Painful episodes may be chronic, but are more often acute; lasting anywhere from hours to weeks ( Reoccurring painful crises’ puts more stress on the heart, bones, kidneys and lungs, increasing the chances of organ

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