Disease And Risk Factor Prevalence Rates Essay

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Jonesborough has grown significantly since its beginning. In 1833 approximately 500 people lived in Jonesborough. According to Jonesborough.org at that time, it had four physicians, two churches, and four schools (joneborough.org). Today it has 122 general practitioners and 21 physicians’ offices listed in the yellow pages located in Jonesborough.
There are two nursing care facilities and one health department for Washington County, in which Jonesborough is part. Jonesborough does have a 911 system in place. However, there is no emergency room, therefore; individuals are taken to Johnson City Medical Center which is 10-15 miles away. There is one urgent care that services the town. There are also five dentists within five miles (www.citydata.com).
Disease and risk factor prevalence rates Some statistical data ranging from 2012 and 2015 are as followed:
● Alcohol –impaired driving deaths - 31%, compared to TN-28%, and the US-14%
● Adult smoking – 23%, compared to TN-24%, and the US-32%
● Adult obesity- 33%, compared to TN-33.9%, and the US-38.4%
● Diabetes- 10.7%, compared to TN-11.4%, US-9.3% with 8.1% undiagnosed
● Teen births- 31, compared to TN-45, and US-19
● Sexual transmitted disease- 237.4, compared to TN-470.4, and US-457 cases per 100,000 people
● Addiction/Illicit drug use- no current data on TN US-in 2013 9.4%
● Cancer/Breast- 2013- in TN 124.6 per 100,000 and in US-123.7 per 100,000
(countyhealthrankings.org/ healthypeople.gov/ cdc.gov)…

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