Discussion Questions To Consider From The Catcher In The Rye Essay

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Discussion Questions to Consider from The Catcher in the Rye

1. The Catcher in the Rye centers on a young man – can women relate to this novel, too? What about Holden is gender-specific, and what is common to all teenagers?
Women can relate
Common to all teenagers
Rebellious nature
Negative thoughts
Feeling inferiority
Illusion of Future
Not belonging
Not as impulsiveness as girls

2. Let’s talk about the ending to the Catcher in the Rye. Is it optimistic? Negative? Gloomy?
Angers the readers
Nothing is finished
It leaves you hanging and asking questions
Holden didn’t change much throughout the novel
It seems as if he finished the same place he started
He is all alone at the metal facility reminiscing
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Holden is always worried about what happens to the ducks in the winter and wonders where they go and whether or not they freeze to death. What’s up with that? Compose an argument about the overall significance of Holden’s obsession with the ducks. What do they represent for Holden? What does his obsession suggest about his character?
Youth & Curiosity
Ducks = Holden’s Life
Where can he go to escape?
Safe Haven
Hope that he will survive
Will he get help?
Mother Nature doesn’t care

11. There are two major events in Holden’s past related to death: his brother Allie dying from leukemia, and James Castle’s suicide at Elkton hills. How does each of these events affect Holden and his thoughts about mortality?
Think about the significance of death
Didn’t live long enough to be contaminated by society
His innocence is preserved
Shows the cruelty of people
Reveal the dark side of humanity

12. After waking up to Mr. Antolini stroking his hair, Holden believes that his teacher is coming on to him. Go back and carefully reread the passage in question (Chapter 24), and then riddle us this: Do you think Holden’s perspective is accurate, or do you think he misinterprets Mr. Antolini’s behavior? Explain why you believe as you do. Also, why do you think there’s so much ambiguity in this section of

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