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This week study module is all about my learning styles and how best I make use of my ability to learn, as a student on the MBA program. It is true that I might have a distinctive learning style. This particular learning style might have an impact on how well I am coping in my studies. It is particular true that some might learn best through audial information and others through visuals. Even so, there exist many different theories that were presented to us this week that describes how we as students prefer to learn best.
Preferred Learning Style
Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) developed a theory on learning style that categorises people in terms of different learning personality patterns. He highlighted two important processes that
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As excited as I were to join the program, I soon realised that the MBA program involves a set of strict disciplines I have to follow that I somewhat took for granted. The issue of plagiarism and citation in academic work was a concept I needed to learn fast. Having an ‘accommodator’ learning styles, I started to experiment straight in applying my learning to comply with the university requirements. However at this instance my cultural influence first had to make place for the western world expectations relating to intellectual property (Bowden, 1996). With this factor in mind, I still am battling to master the proper citation, which I believe with more exercises, I should be able to do it.
In reflecting my own leadership experience at my workplace, I came across that sensemaking challenged my knowledge on how I understood leadership. The Pye article demonstrated to me ‘how the term leadership can have multiple meanings’ (Pye, 2005). It is clear in her article that leadership can never be replaced by sensemaking. Sensemaking is helping me to look at situations in my workplace more clearly.
Following on from sensemaking, I was introduced to the subject of leading from my differences. Here my personality was put in perspective to leadership more on the emphasis on sensemaking. Having conducted my own BIG 5 personality test and comparing my results with that of my colleague, it helped me to understand my own traits. This trait I learned

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