Discussion Question Chapter 2 Essay

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Discussion Questions Chapter 2 1. Why is it important to understand the different perspectives and approaches to management theory that have evolved throughout the history of organizations?
Management is constantly changing. It changes over time to meet new needs. if we know what happened in the past (WHAT WORK/ WHAT DIDN'T) WE WILL be able to understand the present and plan for the future. Some ideas from the past (stock ownership, open book management) are still relevant to management today. it is also important for us to understand the evolution of management because it allows us to learn from the mistakes made by others, so as not to repeat them and use the success in order to use them at the appropriate time.

2. How do
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The future is most important because it is the situation were in now, if we know what work we will be able to make wise discussion in the present and plan smartly for the future. 5. Which of the three characteristics of learning organizations do you find most appealing? As a manager, which would be hardest for you to adopt? Why?
The characteristic that I find most appealing is the team based, I find it appealing because it deals with team work employee work hand in hand to get the task done. As a manager I would find the employee empowerment most difficult because here it unleashing the power and creativity of employees by giving them the freedom, resources, information, and skills to make decisions and perform effectively do believe that it could at times become coatic and would bring about many conflicts. 6. As organizations become more technology-driven, which do you think will become more important—the management of the human element of the organization or the management of technology? Discuss. I believe that the management of technology is more important because in the world around technology is advancing day by day and we need to keep up with it. Technology helps in some many ways it makes life easier and speeds up work as a result allowing you to meet organizational goals quicker 7. Why do you think Mary Parker Follet’s ideas tended to be popular with business people of her day, but were ignored by

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