Discussion On Psychology : Psychology Essay

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Discussion 12 Psychology
Is there anything about this experiment that you find disturbing? If so, explain what you find disturbing and why. If not, then explain why not. Yes, I found disturbing the people of Riceville, Iowa attitude, especially the teachers’ attitude. Moreover, it was disturbing that hundreds of American wrote letters and called to protest, insult, and minimized Mrs. J. Elliot’s outstanding exercise. Did they write letters to pay their respects to the family of Dr. King’s? Do they feel sad for the lost of one of the best American leaders of America’s history? The most disturbing behavior was the outrageous and violent opposition from her colleagues.
(2) How do you think adults might react in a similar experiment? Why? Unfortunately, racism and discrimination are still deeply ingrained in our culture. Therefore, adults will react the same as the inhabitants of Riceville. Just listen to Donald’s Trump outrageous statements. I know for a fact, that some people still believe that dark skinned individuals are trained to endure mistreatment and are some sort of beast of burden. For instance, I know an educator, who has to take the lowest scored students, newcomers, and students with behavior problems, at the same time. One of her colleagues had no shame when she told others, “I do not want this kid in my classroom, give to Mrs. Perez, she is accustomed to work with this kind of students and I do not have time to deal with non-readers.” I pointed Mrs. S. lack…

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