Discussion Of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Essay

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The article “School counselor consultation: Enhancing teacher performance through rational emotive-social behavioral consultation,” Jeffrey Warren and Stanley Baker, discusses the viability of the Rational Emotive-Social Behavioral Consultation (RE-SBC) model for use by school counselors in support of teachers and students alike, which are experiencing social-emotional issues. They also provide an overview of theory and concepts that can be applied during a consultation, as well as case examples. School counseling are ever evolving to keep up with the needs of the teachers, parents, and children, despite cuts in state funding, revisions in counseling standards, and almost nonexistent access and utilization of mental health services. This causes the school counselors developed and implement innovative services based on the schools needs and governed by state and federal requirements, these services are responsive, preventative, direct, and indirect in nature.
A brief overview of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), created by Albert Ellis in the 1950 's, and the Social Cognitive Theory (SCT), created by Albert Bandura in 1986, which are both variations of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), serve as the foundation for the RE-SB consultation model presented. The purpose of the REBT was to confront emotional disturbances, increase functionality, and promote the enjoyment of life. According to Ellis’s model, there are four types of irrational beliefs (IBs); demands,…

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