Discuss the View That the Income of Volcanic Hazards Depends Primarily on Human Factors

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A volcanic hazard refers to any potential dangerous volcanic process from primary hazards; such as lava flows, pyroclastic flows, ash falls or volcanic gases and also secondary hazards; including lahars and volcanic landslides. There are around 1500 potentially active volcanoes worldwide and therefore in my opinion, every volcanic eruption is unique and influences the hazards that are produced from it which will impact upon the environment, the economy and the population of an area. Although it can be argued that physical factors; like the magnitude, cause and give the greatest input into the initial impact, the human factors also have an influence on the effects a hazard can have, for instance the land use and demography.
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The lava that flowed from the ground fissures of the crater lava lake reached speeds of 60km/h and reached the city of Goma which caused an evacuation of 400,000 people across the Rwandan border into neighboring Gisenyi during the eruption. Many evacuees spent nights sleeping on the streets with little shelter, electricity or clean water. Many people from LEDC’s are unaware of the health issues that could occur after and from a volcano eruption, a majority of the population lack a solid education and the government discovered that very few were aware of the potential hazards that could occur from any sized eruption. Therefore after the destruction of 50 schools from the Nevado Del Ruiz eruption a public education campaign was put under way in early 1986 to inform the population of volcanic hazards and what to do if an eruption occurred. LEDC’s are extremely vulnerable to the eruptions that occur especially with poorly built infrastructure, consequently the basic premise is that the volcanic outbreaks may not kill people but inadequate constructed buildings can. The eruption of Mount Sinabung from 2013-2014 destroyed countless houses, especially in North Sumatra when a 7km column of hot ash was spewed into the air and smothered the nearby villages which put weight upon the buildings causing them to collapse. Therefore many responses to volcanic eruptions have been known to support those that have lost their homes, businesses and services. Including the Mount Pinatubo

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