Discuss What Makes the Psychodynamic Approach Unique. Refer to Other Approaches in Your Answer. (12 Marks)

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A student asks their teacher ‘why are there so many approaches to psychology?’
Their teacher replies ‘ Because each has something different to offer to our understanding of behaviour, making each approach unique.’
Discuss what makes the psychodynamic approach unique. Refer to other approaches in your answer. (12 marks) In terms of human behaviour, psychology provides alternative perspectives, known as approaches, which give explanation to human behaviours. What makes each approach unique is that they all have their own focal points for how to explain behaviour. For example, the biological approach looks to the evolutionary processes and gene mutations/hormone levels, whilst the cognitive approach looks at how behaviour is influenced
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The Ego plays the role of mediator between the Superego and id, tending to comply with society's rules and values when mediating, in order to produce acceptable outcome behaviours. The psychodynamic approach is further made unique by the structure of the personality, as it is the only approach that can reduce an individual's behavioural and emotional traits to just 3 components, 1 of which is believed to be innate. The structure of personality also allows for the divergence from Rodger’s concept of the 3 selves - the theory that an individual’s personality is still made up of 3 components, but as opposed to being unconscious drives and such, all 3 components are conscious perceptions of the individual (How the individual sees him/herself, how they would like to be seen, and how others really see them). The potential for divergence from Humanism is further seen in the application of Freud’s personality structure theory to explain psychological health disorders - Psychodynamic theorists use the id, Ego and Superego to explain Psychological Disorders as a result of an overbearing conflict between the id and the Superego that the Ego fails to cope with, thus leading to the repression of the id’s desires into the unconscious - It is the repression that causes anxiety, which further leads to mental health issues such as phobias, anxiety disorders and depression. Meanwhile, Humanism

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