Discuss The Political And Economic Causes Of The Civil War

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The American Civil War was a civil war in the United States that was fought from 1861 to 1865. This happened when the Union had secessionists and 11 states from the south grouped up and formed the Confederate States of America. Many people believe that the Civil War was mainly fought because of slavery, but those people are wrong. Of course, slavery was important issue, but there were many political, economic, and moral reasoning behind this war. The key political causes include the voting rights and most important, the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln as president. Another effect was Reconstruction which was the period when the South was rebuilt after the Civil War. Therefore, Abraham Lincoln proposed a plan that accepted the southern states back into the Union which was called the Ten Percent Plan. Lincoln offered amnesty to white southerners who were willing to swear loyalty. The 15th Amendment guaranteed the …show more content…
The development of an economy based on the use of slave labor to produce staple crops through a plantation system in the South and a more diverse economy in the North based on free labor. The south used slaves for most of their labor and they knew much about cattle herding. However, the North was more of an industrial based economy which would not be affected by the Civil War. Since, the 13th amendment abolished slavery this really effected slave owners agricultural and economic businesses. There were also moral reasons behind the civil war. The main reason for this was Slavery. Slavery was very brutal and harsh treatment of labor. White owners used African Americans to work for them in unfair conditions. People judged someone because of the way they looked and it was morally wrong. Then the 13th amendment abolished slavery. Sadly, African Americans were still treated badly afterwards, but at least they weren’t enslaved anymore. This was a huge stepping stone for the United

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