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Discuss Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development
Cognitive Development can be defined as the development of thought processes. This includes thinking, concept understanding, problem solving, and decision making and remembering from childhood on to adulthood. There are two theories of Cognitive development that offer us two different ways of understanding it. The first is called Domain general. This theory states that one line of development determines all of the changes in a child’s intellectual system (van Geert, 1998). This means that if one thing goes wrong then it will impact on all other areas of a child’s cognitive system, resulting in a high scale problem.
The second is the Domain specific theory. This theory varies
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Children gain mental representations by this interaction which causes them to base the world on their experiences with the objects (Piaget, 1972). Piaget’s stage theory consisted of four stages that he said all children went through when developing cognitive skills. It was a stage theory which means that a child cannot develop to a late stage without first developing through all of the preceding stages; it was a one way coherent process. Stage one was the Sensory Motor stage. This is the period where language has not been formed yet by the infant. This stage focuses on the child from birth to two years of age.
The child interacts with its environment by manipulating objects as the child has not developed language skills yet (Piaget and Inhelder, 1969). The child will use all of its other senses, such as taste and touch, to explore the world surrounding them. Initially the child will use sucking and grasping reflexes and then eventually move on to reaching for objects.
Infants firstly believe that if they cannot see an object then it does not exist, the ‘Out of sight, out of existence’ principle applies here (Martin, Carlson and Buskist, 2010). When the child reaches about eight months of age, the child will begin to understand the concept that the object can still exist even when it is out of sight.
Stage two is the pre-operational stage. This occurs

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