Discuss How Management Theory and Practice Has Changed over Since the Early 1900’s

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The evolution of management has been changed a lot since the early 1900’s. Many different management theories have been developed, the external factor also changing at the same time, such as the technology and the nature of career. Those changing influence the trend of management method. There are four major approaches in the past, classical approaches, behavioral approaches, quantitative approaches and modern approaches. At the past, efficiency is the most important in the earliest management theories. However, in 21st, these is no doubt that the globalize economy is performance-driven. There is a huge change in the main theme of the management theories.

Bartol, K (1998) states that before the classical approaches exist, there are some
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Campling (2008, p.100) states that the modern approaches of management are developed by the classical, human resource and quantitative approaches. Modern management approaches assumed that people are complex and variable. They have many different needs that can change over time. The key of modern management approaches is the systems theory and contingency theory.

Campling (2008, p.101) states that system theory is based on the idea that an organization can be imagined as a system. A system is a set of interrelated parts operating as a unit toward to the common goal. Contingency theory tries to match management practices with the demand of different situation. The previous theories such as Weber’s bureaucracy and Taylor’s scientific management had failed because they neglected that various environment influenced the management system and organizational structure. There could not be one best way for leadership or organization. This theory tries to identify contingency principles to actions, depending on the situation’s characteristics.

Nowadays, the national boundaries of world business are rapidly disappearing. Campling (2008, p.7) states that the economy for the whole world is rely the resource flows and product markets on each other rather than only with the local. Globalization brings many opportunities to spread the businesses to reach around the world. Technology is the major

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