Discuss Glauber Rocha’s Approach to Violence and Morality in God and the Devil in the Land of Sun

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Discuss Glauber Rocha’s approach to violence and morality in God and the Devil in the Land of Sun.

Glauber Rocha’s purpose as a filmmaker, as he explains, has always been to contribute to the creation of a cinema that is genuinely Brazilian, based on national features, which can facilitate the social and political awareness required for the transformation of Brazil as a country. In the course of forming an identity for a new national cinema, which sought to deviate from the conventions of the Hollywood model, Glauber Rocha often employs themes such as hunger, violence and morality. These, in their most true-to-life forms, consolidate the harshness of the reality that permeates Brazil, particularly the Northern area, and differentiates
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The character’s ability to judge right from wrong is subjective to the situation they find themselves in. While the common enemy appears to be the misery of the Hinterlands, the people are willing to go through with anything for the prophecy that “the sertao will become sea, and the sea sertao.”Similarly the viewers ability to distinguish right from wrong, good and evil, is distorted by the inseparable similarities between nominally polar opposites such as the Black God and the White Devil, who both prophesise the liberation of the people and use similar means of violence to achieve this.

The depiction of the Hinterlands through characters whose only means to impose their will on society are through primative social codes such as violence, and where morality is uniquely subjective and always changing, creates a realistic reconstruction of the Hinterlands during the first half of the 20th century. Accordingly, the opening scene of the movie embodies the violence of the weather, the terrain and atmosphere in the Northern east. The jawbone and the eye of a carcass of an ox killed by the drought epitomises this. Nothing is more

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