Discrimination Of Women In The Workplace Essay

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Discrimination of Women in the Work Field
“Gender discrimination is not based solely on gender differences but on how people are treated differently because of their sex.” ("Male vs. Female Statistics in the Workplace in America.") This is extremely important to remember when addressing this issue. When examining this area, it is found that women are often the victims to this ideology. For centuries men have dominated the power position. They have been the leader of a family. This manor has then been reflected upon the modern day workforce. Among companies and businesses, men are favored for leadership and positions of authority. What has provoked this way of thinking? Why does this remain as a problem in our society? These are key questions
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Just as men are viewed as the leader of a household, the woman is held back by society’s expectations. “The man was considered the head of the household in all things; mortgages, legal documents, bank accounts. Only the family allowance was paid directly to the mother. Should a woman find herself in a loveless or violent marriage, she was trapped; she had no money of her own and no career.” (The 1950s Housewife) It is important to know that this claim is a generalized stance of the women’s role in society. However, the women’s role is highly scrutinized and twisted throughout society. It is morphed from a delicate caretaker to a working proud women. Women are seen as cocky when they stand up for their rights, and then are criticised for taking the roles of a housewife. “As a society, we idealized housewives in the 1950s. Within a couple of decades, stay-at-home moms were demonized as lazy “welfare queens” if they were poor, and submissive,” ( Why Do We Continue to Stigmatize the Stay-At-Home Moms?”) All of these categories, lazy or uptight women, are then portrayed towards all women. When a women stands up for her rights, she is scrutinized for asking too much. A whole time in our period is seen as, “The Women’s Suffrage …show more content…
Time after time, the world, which we live in, finds itself making the same mistakes. World leaders question the source of these problems and then continue to make the same mistakes as before. In response, they back up there answer with some heartfelt answer of bringing society out of this time and into a new age, yet the problem is never fixed, Nor are steps taken to further prevent this error. Now, being that this is an extreme example of politics, the ideology of change remains the same. The world we live in is a routined machine. Any slight change in policy or idea upsets the whole structure. While the women’s suffrage movement was existent, there were many who were opposed to this idea. Kate Shippen Roosevelt, felt, “for the most part middle to upper-middle class, conservative Protestants like herself subscribed to the notion that women were biologically destined to be child bearers and homemakers.” (Women’s Anti-Suffrage Movement;

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