Discrimination Of Women Essay

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Since almost as long as civilization of man dates back women have been treated unfairly. Women were allowed to vote after men, were and still have been discriminated against, and even get lower pay than their counterparts. But in the last few decades women have been taking a stand and fighting back. Women are now fighting to even be able to embrace their sexuality like men can. But in other cultures history has yet to change and women are more unequal than ever in the 21st century. Some say Islamic Women have it worst than any other culture. Although the Quran doesn’t necessarily call for the inequality its big amongst Islamic countries.

The religion of Islam is the second biggest monotheistic religion, having over 1 billion followers.
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In the religion of Islam women are supposed to have the same rights’ as men. Nowhere in the Quran does it mention a woman 's role is less than of her male counterpart. Although it is mentioned somewhere that men are the “overseers” of women. Women are expected to work and provide just like the males and be equal, even the Quran says women should be on the more receiving side, for example during marriage the wife must receive all the …show more content…
The law has set up a number of safe houses and shelters for women who have been victimized. As well as making any form of violence; mental , physical, sexual or emotional; illegal and punishable by law. Women also have a 24 hour number they can call and report abuse to, as well as having the offender wear a GPS tracking device, similar to an ankle monitor. Problems and activists rose up and took a stand when a young female was stoned to death by her relatives in 2014. The Council of Islamic Ideology called the bill unfair and it contradicts the constitution and Islamic

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